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18 avril 2012 3 18 /04 /avril /2012 05:23

Nantes March 7, 2012
«French Disunity»
An essay about otherness within the French Republic
Published by "Les Editions l'Harmattan"
By Yvon Ollivier,
Magistrate, member of the «Institut Culturel de Bretagne"

Within the current presidential campaign, once again, raises the question of the
relation between people.
The present campaign speech, which crosses the political spectrum, shows to our citizens of
foreign origin, an image of a closed society, in which they can't recognize themselves, the
opposite of France's universal message. For young people, this speech is destructive and
hostile, ruining the daily made efforts of the departments in charge of integration and crime
What about the unity of a nation, based on the assimilation of differences, when the model no
longer works and wanders into the communitarianisms stigmatization ?
This book denounces the Jacobin illusion of a society turned against the visible differences,
whether an immigrant or our old Basque, Corsican, Occitan and Breton nations.
"Communautarism", an unknown concept in other European democracies, serves to contain
the democratic evolution by removing the otherness of the public space.
To reinforce this objective, the nation has mastered the monopolization of the highest values,
including equality, which allows the sacralization of social issues and obscure the surprising
disparity between regions, leading to the domination of an elite, folded on itself. By what spell
the nation that celebrates equality could deliver the most unequal society in the cultural,
social and territorial matters?
The more we talk of equality, the more the parisianisation of the elites is extending!
The symbolic inscription of decentralization in the Constitution allows the intensifying of
Paris centralism and the formation of a despoiling greater Paris.
Self-proclamation «Patrie des droits de l'homme", "Country committed to Human
Rights", offers the opportunity to get rid of cultural rights that are linking other democracies.
This induces a loss of transcendence sense and the highest from reason and western tradition
France has lost its sense of itself, which is the source of the of a social disaffiliation feeling,
encountered everywhere.
This is still fear that is gnawing at the heart of state's protection need, which characterizes
the French and which is inconsistent with the needed energy for a proper integration into the
global economy.
This curiosity amongst the great powers is no longer tenable in the democratic era.
If France's ancient peoples suffer from a non-respect for their cultural rights, their
otherness is an advantage for implementing the nation to recognize its own diversity.
The Jacobin Republic having failed regarding equality matter, it can't escape any more as
regards the disunity.
To avoid a general disintegration, the French nation will have to pull out a power to
transcend its universal essence, so as to restore unity with and not against the other.
To be ordered in bookstores or online at the Harmattan editions' website:
Tel: 00 33 6 68 56 67 69
(Presentation note translated in English from French by Gilbert Engelhardt

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